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Bay State Triathlon Team

Save-the-Date for our 
Annual Training Weekend!!

Saturday May 17
Ted Williams Camp, Lakeville MA

Final agenda coming soon but our day usually looks a little like this...
  • Registration at the camp
  • Bike ride to Plympton
  • Strawberry Shortcake 10k or a shorter group run
  • Bike ride back to camp
  • Lunch
  • Swim/swim clinic
  • Transition clinic and contest
  • BBQ/catered meal
  • MUCH more!

Training weekend is also our official season kick-off party!

In past years we've had awesome giveaways and participation by some of our sponsors including MAGNERS and Bikebarn.

It's a busy day full of activities but most of all it's FUN and a no-miss event!

More details coming soon, including registration, but for now please SAVE-the-DATE!!

Win this Bike!  




May 31 - Escape the Cape (Sprint)
June 22 - Hero CapeCod (sprint or oly)
July 6 - Whaling City (Sprint)

July 27- Marsh/Duxbury (Sprint)

August 10 - Sharon (Sprint)
August 17 - Westborough on and off road sprint (either)
August 24 - Cranberry (Olympic)
September 6/7 - Hyannis II (Sprint) or Pumpkinman Half Iron
September 14 - Buzzard's Bay (Sprint)
Season's Opener
Patriot 1/2
MIT Kid's Triathlon or BSTT Kid's Triathlon


Anyone who cycles MUST HAVE their own Auto insurance to protect THEMSELVES in the event someone :


1) hits them, and/or


2) forces them off the road and they get hurt even without contact.  Simply, Part 3 and Part 12 of their auto policy needs to be no less than $100/$300,000 coverage.  This will protect the cyclist in the event the driver who caused their accident with injuries does NOT have insurance OR ENOUGH insurance to cover their injuries.  Part 6 – Med Pay coverage should be at least $10,000-$25,000.  The premium for that is about $15-$24, REGARDLESS if they have their own private health care coverage.  These coverages are a must. 


If anyone has any questions,  I would be happy to sit down with them and explain it to them.  All this coverage MUST be on every car in the household without exception.  You can not have high coverage on your spouse’s car with minimum coverage on you car when you get hurt.  Coverage ONLY GOES to that car that you own.  Don’t skimp on coverage.   




     Dennis Calcagno